This is the page of Swiss photographer Katia Rudnicki currently working and living in Berlin and Basel. With her own circus “Das Karfunkel Kabinett” she tours in a vintage firetruck through Germany and Switzerland. From the travels, the life apart from established conventions and the collaboration with circus artist from  all over the world Katia Rudnicki draws the inspiration for her work.

Die Unsichtbare, Interlaken 2016

Ballata, Basel 2016

Distopia, London 2016

Zivilisation, Berlin 2014

Pilot, Basel 2017

Fortune, Lake Constance 2016

Le cheval blanc, Basel 2016

The Priest, Basel 2016

Salon Morpheus, Zürich 2016

Statik, Basel 2016

Energie électrique du Rhin, Kembs 2016

Architekt Tom Munz, Lake Constance

Carlos Leal, St.Gallen 2016

  Exhibition, Fritz 86, Zurich 2016 (photos: Kalena Leo, paintings: Alexey Cubas, drawings: Marion Täschler

TIME from Kalena Leo on Vimeo.

  Research Video, collaboration with Merlin Pohse, St.Gallen 2014